Strategy Presentation in Progress

Atyaasaa by Niket Karajagi

Survey 1 IADVL Identity Discovery


Survey 1 Results

Survey 2 Mission Vision Values

Mission, Vision Values by Niket Karajagi

Updated Work on Strategy 1/04/2022

meeting Recording of Objectives Setting through Appreciative Inquiry

Updated Presentation with Accepted Mark slide

Mission, Vision Values by Niket Karajagi

Updated Outcomes of Appreciative Inquiry Conversations

IADVL Appreciative Inquiry by Niket Karajagi
15 grand Strategies by Niket Karajagi

Grand Strategies

Final Meeting & Closure

Dr. Rashmi Sarkar President IADVL on Life after Pandemic

Leadership & Management eBooks for You

Shelf Wood
Niket Karajagi
Niket Karajagi@atyaaasaa
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This provisional private webpage is specifically created for IAVDL project. Feel free to surf the site for much more content. We love to build content for helping the professional community. It is temporary for learning in an attractive way and to just say that this is a creation of how to use technology in your lives and explore ebooks.

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