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Atyaasaa is a Design Thinking Organization. We have prototyped complex Design Thinking Solutions for top-notch fortune companies. Our expertise in Design Thinking is unparalleled as we specialize in making Design Thinking a way of life in enterprises, and we facilitate prototyping solutions for Complex Human-Centric Problems.

Atyaasaa partners with Industry & Academia to facilitate growth through this empathy-based empowering Innovation & Problem Solving Process. In addition, this Design Thinking Virtual Center of Excellence is to help facilitate a community of Design Thinkers. 

Introduction to Design Thinking
Stage I Empathize
Stage II Define Problem
Stage III Ideate
Stage IV Prototype
Stage V Test
AtyaasaaOnline Design Thinking Case Study

Audio Courses

A Podcast Based Quick On-The-Go Learning

ELearning Course

Take a full eLearning Certificate Course on Design Thinking @AtyaasaaOnline

Presentation Content on Design Thinking

Shelf Wood

Dynamic Content Decks

Design Thinking Introduction by Niket Karajagi
Atyaasaa by Niket Karajagi
Execution by Niket Karajagi
Design Thinking Tools by Niket Karajagi

Design Thinking Framework & Tools

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Business Innovation

Niket Karajagi Talks on Business Innovation

Critical Thinking

Niket Karajagi Talks On Coveted Competency

Webinar & Conversations

AtyaasaaOnline has all it takes to hold Design Thinking Online Events

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