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We Solve Complex Human-Centric Problems

Starting Your Business

We love Mavericks & their exceptional Unconventional Ideas. But, we also realize Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the National Economy. We have all it takes to ensure that Entrepreneurs succeed in the real world and dominate Global Markets.



Starting a Business is about effectively executing the Entrepreneurial Idea. We help entrepreneurs build a business canvas to ensure a structured planning & execution process. We also ensure that this Business Canvas is manifested in reality through a superior structured Coaching process.



Thus, we help Maverick Entrepreneurs prosper by creating a Business Canvas of their Idea & enabling them to become Global Leaders to build Born Global Companies.


Our eLearning portal enables the new forming stage teams of Startups to tap into the self-paced on-the-go learning modules to navigate challenges. 


Atyaasaa partners with many Incubators, Accelerators & Academic Institutions to nurture Entrepreneurial spirit by opening up our experiences and content for their success. We aspire to help build Unicorn Companies. 

Growing Your Business

We specialize in capabilities required to succeed in this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous VUCA World. We stay current in the knowledge space through continual research and partnerships with exceptional clients.

Our deep research in futuristic 21st Century competencies  & technology orientation makes us unique in the Learning  & Development domain. By engaging as end-to-end knowledge facilitators, we ensure consistent business scalability. 


Atyaasaa Partners with top-notch global brands in the areas of People Development & Business Innovation Interventions and thus brings to you tested best practices in the people domain. In addition, our diverse Industry experience helps you build great teams and systems. 


We engage with you to build superior people competencies through our exceptional Learning & Development Interventions, Coaching, Organization Development Initiatives &  extensive Organizational Diagnostic Surveys & Critical Research. 

We partner with you on a long-term basis to build sustainable businesses.

Sustaining Your Business

We work with Fortune Companies and aspirational brands and help them to be competitive in the people domain.We understand that the sustenance of the position as an undisputed Market Leader requires an exceptional proven business model & people strategies. 


Atyaasaa has all it takes to ensure the scalability of its tech-enabled and blended people intervention seamlessly across your Organization and teams for sustaining business success at all times.


Our investment in superior content development and the Edutech venture AtyaasaaOnline allows our tech-based blended learning scale easily across. Atyaasaa also helps you overcome the challenges of the ever-growing and needed Agile Collaboration across the Business  Value Chain through the futuristic researched competencies & continual Innovation. We strategically partner with you to diagnose the real issues and provide solutions that help you deal with challenging situations. 


We assist by providing you with our Bespoke Behavioral Modification Interventions & Valid Assessments that enable superior outcomes. In addition, we work with the Executive Leadership Teams & Talent to ensure success at all levels of business areas.


Atyaasaa is a journey of technology, knowledge, and research. It started with a passion for bringing leadership & management learning to one and all. Democratization of content is at our core, and we use technology to achieve this value. We keep updating our story. Watch it as a slide show or enjoy it as an embedded video. We give you the choice of experience.  Today Atyaasaa has a diverse portfolio of services unmatched in the Industry.

Diverse experience

Twenty-five years of extensive global work across the Industries with 175 plus super organizations and more than 2,00,000 leaders Coached & Trained at all levels of the organizational pyramid.

This enables us to provide you with the best in class proven knowledge that only a few can deliver. This is our core and competitive advantage that you benefit from.

Our innate diversity of experience in the tech-enabled blended Coaching & Consulting assignments enables us to provide you with solutions and content that is unparalleled. Our quest for knowledge is eternal, and this also creates a diversity of expertise with which we support you.

Experience this diversity by partnering with us.

Research Enabled

Our continuous research & validated Instruments support all our business engagements. Learning is a continual process for us at Atyaasaa. Also, our investments in content are exceptional.

Research is the core of our DNA. We cherish our quest for learning, which enables us always to remain current at all times. Our power engagements with remarkable business leaders and academicians keep us up to speed with knowledge from thought leaders across domains.

We always look for opportunities to interview exceptional professionals across Industries. This enables us to tap into these Mavericks' diverse body of work that tends to provide us unparalleled insights.

Make the best use of our research by engaging with us.

Technology Savvy

Atyaasaa Business Model is based on the ethos of investing in the latest State of Art Technology tools that genuinely makes us a Borderless Company. We are a very proud Tech-Savvy business entity, a correct choice for borderless scalable work.

We realized this trend right at the stage of our inception. Our team undertook the task of developing humongous digital content while the world was implementing analog solutions. We also invested in technology to scale our business globally while ensuring the democratization of our content. We also empowered our customers by providing technology tools for them to run initiatives that spanned across geographies.

Innovation & Technology-enabled strategic processes are our core, and our borderless digital assets are the power engines.

We invite you to be a part of our technology-enabled augmented solutions.

Our Design Thinking Virtual Center of Excellence

We have created the Virtual Design Thinking Center of Excellence, which has the complete digital ecosystem for learning and administering learning on this most coveted competency of the 21st Century.
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Atyaasaa's Digital World

Atyaasaa has a borderless digital presence in the world of social media such as knowledge posts, podcasts, blogs, videos, digital publications, online events, showcases, live streams, and digital assets.We build and deliver content regularly on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, ClubHouse, WordPress sites, and many other social platforms. We thus encourage you to be a part of these initiatives. We will undoubtedly surprise you with the volume and quality of content that we move on various portals.Also, feel free to use our digital content with complements to facilitate on-the-go learning.We also encourage you to follow us on social media for regular updates.

We Love Our Clients

Many have appreciated the TEDx talk of Niket Karajagi, Founder Director of Atyaasaa and Business Coach & Facilitator.  He speaks on his Authentic Leadership Model, which starts with Passion and moves to the dimensions of unity across layers of human behaviors, values, and capabilities.  His work on Authentic Leadership is inspired by the privileged meetings he has had with remarkable professionals worldwide. These exceptional and insightful meetings give him a perspective into facets that make them authentically successful. This is definitively a must-view video for all Professionals who wish to take their passion to the next level. Niket will be happy to talk online or in-person to ignite or nourish the Authentic Passion & Leadership. Please connect with us, and we will be glad to facilitate the conversation. Write in at info@atyaasaa.com

Our Latest Insights

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Design Thinking Re-engineering Innovation

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E-Learning the New Way

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Arresting the Progressive Behavioural Decay at the Top of the Pyramid

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There is so much this website can do for you. To start with, you can partner with us in people development by choosing our services; you can also use our zero budget learning sections and scale learning & development across your supply chains with agility. You can also engage with our live learning content and discussion forums. This site is alive with knowledge. It is a goldmine of content that you can keep mining. Our endeavor in this meta-universe will be to humanize the experiences as technology evolves. So, go ahead explore what this website can do for you, and you will be delighted.
Niket Karajagi
Founder Director Atyaasaa

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