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The Most Coveted Competency of the 21st Century

Atyaasaa offers a Design Thinking Virtual Center of Excellence that will provide an ecosystem to all Design Thinking Enthusiasts, Corporate Professionals, and Academicians an opportunity to learn and contribute to the Design Thinking Community Globally. We invite you to be a part of this Design Thinking Mission.

Design Thinking Introduction by Niket Karajagi

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Arresting the Progressive Behavioural Decay at the Top of the Pyramid

Senior Leadership is crucial to success. However, their behaviors need to change as they move up the ladder. The past behaviors of success become their reasons for ineffectiveness in subsequent positions. Also, they need to change with time. This blog discusses the critical facet of Leadership Development at the top of the pyramid. A must-read for those planning development initiatives at the top.

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E-Learning the New Way

The World shifts to eLearning, and we discuss the aspects of ubiquitous learning here in this blog. Self-paced anytime-anywhere learning brings the power of scalability and economy of scale—a must-read blog for organizations that wish to adopt the new way of learning.

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The Post-COVID Resilient Business World

Tungston Organizations is Niket Karajagi’s Doctoral Research. This blog is about his thoughts on Agile & Resilient 21st Century Organizations. A must-read for all those who wish to win in the new world order.

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Design Thinking Re-engineering Innovation

Design Thinking is emerging as the most coveted competency of the 21st Century. Niket has prototyped many Supply Chain and Business Value Chain Solutions in Complex Human Centric Problems. This blog introduces you to the concept of Design Thinking—a must-read for organizations keen on making Design Thinking a way of life.

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Neuro-Science of Change Management the Appreciative Inquiry Way

Appreciative Inquiry helps you manage change through a proven methodology. The validated and reliable steps of the process help you manage change with a collaborative approach. Atyaasaa has managed many change projects using AI. A must-read if you wish to bring in a rapid change process in your organization.

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