E-Learning the New Way

The World shifts to eLearning, and we discuss the aspects of ubiquitous learning here in this blog. Self-paced anytime-anywhere learning brings the power of scalability and economy of scale—a must-read blog for organizations that wish to adopt the new way of learning.

We now enter the era of content. Knowledge will be the power, and digital cash will be the king. The new era is all about monetizing content through technology. All unicorn start-ups will use this combination very efficiently. Technology platforms will collaborate with the internet and machine learning, and web-based cloud-enabled education will be the magic solution. The generation is now fast-paced and looks at self-paced technology-enabled high-quality learning. Only very niche learning will be face to face. The eLearning opportunity will be a billion-dollar economy for each country.

The remote geographies where the quality of education is limited and collective experience is meager will fast adapt to e-learning practices. The cost of delivery for routine learning will be minimized with the use of technology. A rapid expansion of mobile devices, the internet, and the technology-savvy population will limit face-to-face human interaction. Business pressures will also not allow extended classroom sessions. Thus, as a result, the cost of learning will decline over the period.

Research shows that learners prefer self-paced learning through videos, digital content, video blogs, and gamification. Digital simulation will be the preferred learning for concepts, and gamification will increase in that area. E-learning will now fast expand in university programmes, vocational skills, managerial and leadership competencies, technical knowledge, and other routine learning areas. No wonder so many international universities are now launching e-programmes.

However, the creation of learning content will not be an easy task. The person-hours required are humongous concerning building a technology platform & content. The entry barriers will, therefore, be high. Teaching face to face and teaching through a camera is a different ball game. The content will also require a great reading experience. So tech-enabled prolific writing skills will be the need of the hour. You will need teams that will have to collaborate for stupendous hours, depending upon the quantum of researched content.

The experience on the digital platform will be the key. Retention of learners’ attention will be the key driver. The passion of the speaker and writer will have to move over the internet. Creativity will be the demonstrated facet. Also, the technology experience will create collaborative learning and evaluation. Tests will now be quizzes, and peer assessment will be the learning evaluation. Only global thought leaders will succeed as Coaches, Trainers, and Teachers.

The question is, are you ready for this new revolution that is at your doorstep. Traditional learning will get outdated very soon. I already see a shift from traditional training to coaching based on technology evolving fast. To sustain the learning experience in coaching, technology platforms will complement the Coach. Coaches will have to build this ecosystem. Training and coaching will soon evolve into a high-quality technology model. Leadership development and managerial development will go the e-learning way. Internal learning management systems will have to collaborate with outsourced technology-enabled learning engines. Teachers, Trainers, and Coaches will have to get tech-enabled. The Coursera’s, Teachable & the Udemi’s will set a new education paradigm.

The advantage of e-learning will be there for even the small and medium enterprises. Learning was severely capped owing to costs. Now the low-cost e-learning proposition will scale through all sizes and domains in the industry. Digital payments will be the norm. The planet is seeing a fascinating change in the world of learning. Learning is no longer for the privileged alone it is for the masses.

Getting digital learning in or getting obsolete is the new norm now.

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