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Atyaasaa is your trustworthy partner in RoI-based Innovation, Learning & Development initiatives, and Organization Development solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology investments and continual research enable empowered growth for our clients. We partner with you in your success by providing you with all relevant tools and customized services that are best in class.


Our 25 years of research, investments in digital content development, tech-enabled learning platforms, best psychometric tools, and coaching frameworks differentiate us.


Our competitive advantage is technology and scalability of work which is unmatched in the Industry. Let’s partner in Awakening Human Excellence through scalable, customized blended solutions. 

At Atyaasaa, we take immense pride in our Research Capabilities & Bespoke Customization.We take painstaking effort to ensure that our delivery is unmatched and exceeds expectations. We are known for our commitment and technology prowess, impeccable track record of professional & focused delivery. Our strategic intent is to continually invest in our learning, ethical research, complex projects, and technology. We are people on a Mission to transform organizations. Our passion is management & human behavior.We at Atyaasaa invite you to engage in this mission and the journey of Organizational Development & Transformation Projects. We are confident we will together partner with you for times to come.Our promise to maintain the competitive advantage through the latest pure knowledge and technology prowess shall be eternal. We experience our sense of purpose & actualization through our body of work.
Niket Karajagi
Founder Director

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Alchemy- Assessments

At Atyaasaa, validated and reliable instruments are the basis of all work. Therefore, we have invested in the most renowned tools that are known for their accurate measurements. 


We only work with licensed instruments such as MBTI, FIRO-B, DISC, Saville & Global Leader of Future assessments. Valid and reliable assessment tools are best for accurate findings and behavioral modifications.


We encourage you to invest in these personality and trait instruments as a sound basis for people development intervention.




Atyaasaa offers true blended pedagogy through its technology investments. 


We can start from assessments to need identification and then customisation of learning interventions based on organization’s competency frameworks and our futuristic competency programme designs. 


Scale your RoI-based learning interventions by partnering with us. We bring to you the best of our experience with top notch clients globally. 


We go out of the way to ensure that these interventions create a significant change and a robust learning culture.

Change Management

Organizations tend to embark upon the much desired Change Management initiatives often. The initiatives run the risk of running into uncontrolled dimensions.


At Atyaasaa we have mastered the Appreciative Inquiry process to manage changes effectively. The AI  proven process once learnt enables leadership to drive change effectively at all times. 


Not only do we teach the process but we run live RoI projects to enable transfer of learning. This ensures the learning investment is met with accomplishment of Business needs. 


Join us in the journey of Appreciative Inquiry and manage change successfully.




We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World characterised by the 21st Century. Supply Chains and Business Models shall be under constant pressures.


Therefore it becomes imperative to prepare our talent to meet the challenges posed by this new world order. A lack of understanding of VUCA World can severely impair organization engagement and decison making


We at Atyaasaa have been designing & implementing the researched Futuristic Competencies. We have all content and methodology to successfully conduct these desired interventions successfully in a blended learning mode. 


Engage with us in the journey of these futuristic VUCA-World Competencies.


Business Innovation

Innovation is the most desired and coveted business competency of the 21st Century. We at Atyaasaa adore & specialise in Business Innovation and Design Thinking capabilities. 



We have taught, actioned  and prototyped successfully profitable solutions for Human-Centric Problems. Design Thinking enables creation of profitable and actionable solutions with agility. It benefits businesses for sure.



We have run various RoI driven Innovation initiatives for New Product Development Teams, Business Teams and Human Resources Department. 



We invite you to experience Design Thinking with us. 


Business Coaching

Senior Leaders and Talent needs authentic & specific inputs for personal and business success. Our past success behaviours stop serving us in future and thus behavioural change becomes a necessity.

Based on valid assessments behavioural change goals are determined and tracked throughout the process of Coaching. At each stage Coaching inputs help meet the Coaching and Business Goals. 

We emphasise on doing a Team RoI project during the Coaching interventions to ensure a lasting behavioural modification.

Coaching has come of age and we are Mentoring and Coaching many Leaders and Global Entrepreneurs in their journey of personal and organizational success. 


At Atyaasaa we painstakingly built an eLearning Portal rich in content and models with numerous learning Videos, Blogs, Publications, Podcasts, Handbooks, Quizzes and finally a Certificate.


Course Compliances are very strict to ensure learning is meticulously managed and transferred. The Analytics are made available to monitor progress. Also, Privacy of learners is protected as per International Standards. 


The MOOC also has audio courses to learn on-the-go. This is an ubiquitous learn anytime-anywhere self-paced learning proposition which can be scaled across global geographies in a borderless way. This MOOC has 35+ programmes that can also augment blended learning.


We invite you to take specific models or an attractive  annual subscription to scale learning effectively. 




Helios is an intensive Enterprise-Wide RoI based Transformation Project. 


It starts with a detailed assessment for planned change and transformation and moves into specific change goals for behaviours and processes. Ultimately Helios empowers the organization with Leaders as Coaches.


Helios is ideal for organizations which want to achieve superior scale of business operations. It demands fully dedicated team to run this intervention.


Helios is designed to create Global Organizations that achieve superior economies of scale. It is an intense programme that runs many parallel projects combining various tools, methodologies and initiatives. 

Marquee-Organization Research

Business priorities demand informed decision making. Applied Research and Methodologies thus become important at this stage. Many  progressive organizations look for specialised researchers to ascertain certain hypothesis and objectives. 

Marquee is a Research initiative of Atyaasaa that helps and enables organizations to do an applied research with ethical structures and confidentiality. We use proven research design and methodologies to conduct the research impartially. 

Critical analysis of organization dynamics  goes a long way in enabling leadership choices and Marquee helps you do that efficiently.

We encourage you to partner with us in this journey of Business Research. 

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Unique E-Learning Offer

Avail of our special offer for Organizational Subscription.  We are passionate about eLearning and thus have curated 40 programmes on-the-go audio and complete e-learning courses on our unique Leadership & Management MOOC.  The combination of videos, blogs, publications, quizzes & certificates makes learning result-driven.    We can also provide you with individual analytics to keep your learning KPIs up to speed to back your knowledge processes.  Talk to us to integrate AtyaasaaOnline with your Learning Management system. 

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Each service is customized and unique in line with the sensitivity of interventions. We love challenging and intellectually stimulating assignments. We love our clients and go all out to invest in research and assets to make every intervention a success. We help you win our motto.

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