We host the best professionals on live streams across channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Twitch. So feel free to watch them on Sundays at noon Indian Standard Time. 

If you wish to be a part of the conversation, do write to us. We will be happy to host your unique idea. 

We also use Podcasts to distribute knowledge, and please do follow our podcast hosting site. Additionally, we release podcasts as seasons regularly on areas of focus and importance in Leadership & Management. 

We also hold audio conversations on ClubHouse called Maverick Conversations; please join and have live discussions with our panel of moderators and speakers. 

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Maverick Conversations
Zen & Leadership Koan revisited
Zen & Leadership Koan 5
Zen & Leadership Koan 6
Zen & Leadership Koan 7

KnowledgeBytes 15 Stories That Coach from AtyaasaaOnline

Niket Karajagi
Niket Karajagi@niketkarajagi
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We live stream to bring the best-in-class conversations, maverick ideas, and concepts. It is my commitment to bring knowledge to the audience in the borderless world that we live in. We invest in best-in-class technologies to get an unparalleled experience.

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